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If you are looking for the service of Cheap Dedicated Linux Hosting, then you are at the right place. We offer you with flawless service that helps you in getting such a website that operates without any issues. It is our pride to declare that we are one of the key players in the market who is working in the industry for years. There are always certain questions that come to your mind when the talk is about hosting service. We have prepared a list of such questions that will help you in understanding the service and aspects related to the same.

How does web hosting work?

The first step is selecting one of our Cheap Dedicated Windows Web Hosting or any of the other plans from the packages provided. You can visit the package page to know more about the kinds of deals that we have designed for you. Also, you can send us the requirements for getting a personalized quote. Once you take a plan, then we store your site in one of our servers. Then we assign a unique DNS to that website. DSN is the technique that allows your website to be searchable. In other words, people all the across the online platform can access and view your website after a DSN is assigned. The package is basically a space on our servers where we store your website and help the people to find it on the online platform. If you still require more information on the particular topic, then play a visit to our support page.

What should I select?

There are mainly three kinds of hosting types that we offer for our customers. Here is a brief detail of all the types and also what are the purposes they solve.

Dedicated: As the name signifies, it deals with exclusivity. However, where does that exclusive aspect emerge? It is the type where you get an entire personal server for storing your website. It is highly secured and alongside the cost is also more. It is much like staying in a mansion of your own where everything is just for you.

Shared: It is the cheapest form of hosting. In this, there are many websites that share a server place. It is like multiple people staying in the same room. They are using same resources, thus it may happen that one website speed and working can get affected when another consumes more space. However, this is not at all heavy for the pocket of clients.

VPS: Think of a condo, where everyone has an exclusive place to stay. They are also using common resources but from an allocated amount. Thus, despite staying together they are not influencing the others in any way. This is the exact case with VPS hosting. On one hand, it is affordable and on the other hand it also offers you with security and smooth working.

Windows Hosting Vs Linux Hosting

Besides the types of hosting, there is also the aspect of platforms. The platforms on which the website is hosted are Linux and Windows. Now, the kind of platform you require depends entirely on your requirements. The deciding factors are mainly shopping cart, the purpose of the website, the use of different applications, goal of the website, and much more. It is not always easy in understanding the need for the platform without the assistance of the experts. Thus, our well-trained team is always there to help you in understanding about the platform that is best suited for your business. You can also the get the information in nutshell in the page that tells you about the packages. It is because the packages are determined keeping in mind all these aspects.

Building the website

There are distinctive ways that you can employ to come up with the website that suits your website in the best possible manner. There are experts that can create exclusive hand-written HTML websites for you or you can also take help of the programs that can create websites. Other than that, there are free templates that you can access from the online platform and then modulate the basics through the back-end coding. Each other ways has the advantages and disadvantages along with the variation in the pricing. Then there is the CMS or content management service that you have to opt for. These are the aspects that go hand-in-hand with hosting.

Transferring the website

Once you are ready with your website, then come the aspect of transferring it to our server. Well, the way is simple and if also you have any issues then we have trained experts who can help you in completing the entire process without any hitch. There is the built-in FTP. It stands for File Transfer Protocol through which you can transfer your website files to our server. You can access it through our control center for hosting and upload your website files. This way will only work for a certain size of the file. If the files are heavier than that, then you have to opt for another software. Our experts can recommend you about the same.

Shifting from an existing server

Is it possible to shift to our server when you are already using someone else’s? Yes. It is actually a very simple process. The way you upload your website files, the same way you can upload the existing files through FTP. If you do not have access to the files of your current website, then you can easily get it from your existing hosting provider. Our support team is open for 24/7 who can help you to go through the entire process.

What to do after purchasing the service?

Once you have purchased the service, you will get the account details. You have to visit my account on our website and activate the plan. Once you are logged in, you can see all the products. All you have to do is pick the one that you want to select and then click launch

For more queries kindly get in touch with our customer care.