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Welcome! You are searching for Cheap Windows Web Hosting signifies that fact that now you are ready to be a part of the online world. You are ready to level up your business and search for those customers whom you can tap with the help of the online platform. We offer you with hosting services that help in smooth running of your website. We are sure that we are not the first site you are checking for services. Also, there is no denying the fact that you have heard the same statement almost everywhere. Thus, we do not believe is saying that we are the best rather we let our working do the speaking. Also, we may not have been your first site but we will certainly be your last as we ensure you get a flawless service from our end. After all, excellence is our standard. So, shall we begin?

Back to basics

We are gear to let you know about our services and we are sure you also want to know the same. However, between this telling and knowing there is a gap that needs to be bridged. The gap is that of the information. We are pretty sure that you are best at what you do, so are we. It may happen that there are different clients who are not aware of the technicalities of your service. The same can apply to you too. Thus, before knowing about the distinctive features of out service, it is essential that you understand about Web hosting and the related aspects. This will help you in taking an informed decision.

What is Web hosting?

There are some who have the clear knowledge about the aspect of web hosting. However, not everyone can be well-versed in the aspect of web hosting. Thus, if you are one among those who have a clear knowledge about the aspect, then you can easily skip this section. There are distinctive platforms on which you can create your website. What after that? What to do when you have created a website. Now, you need to take it to the online platform. This is where the web hosting comes in the picture. It is the platform or the process through which you can connect your website to the internet. With help of hosting, you can make your site live. It means the viewers from all over the world can access your site.

What is the need for Web hosting service provider?

There is the option for the service of making your website online from a home-based internet server. However, it is not as easy as sounds. When you select the home-based service it means that you will have to manage the aspect of solving the problems by yourself. Also, if your server faces any problem, then you cannot instantly solve it. That is why it is often tough to manage your website from your home-based server. Also, it is not powerful enough that can actually serve many visitors at the same time. That is the reason you need the help of the experts that are dealing with the technicalities of this field for years. Also, hiring the space in a server from a service provider helps in managing many web users together and also offering a solution if you come across any issues.

What are the types of web hosting?

Now, we come to the part where we need to take a look at the types of hosting that are available. However, before that, we need to talk about the platforms. There are mainly two forms of hosting platforms that one can find in our service feature. One of them is the Cheap Linux Hosting and the other one is Windows which is not expensive either. You can select any of the platforms according to your convenience. The platforms are in no way related to the kind of operating system the user is using. The differences between the platforms mainly lie in terms of distinctive features, compatible applications, and pricing. Our experts are there to help you in selecting the best.

The second part of differentiation comes in form of the server space. The first one is a shared server. We can very well draw an analogy of a house where everyone is staying together and consuming the same resource. Though there is a verbal allocation of the resources but there is no confirmative distinction. That means one housemate can consume more than her or his share. That, in turn, will end up affecting the working of all other as there will be an imbalance in resource consumption. This hosting option works in the same way. Here you share space with others but their consumption of server space affects the working of your website.

To do away with this issue there are the dedicated servers. It is like a mansion where you have to right of using every resource exclusively. You make the rules and follow the same. However, just like a mansion, the cost of having a dedicated server is very high. It often is way out of budget for the small business houses or startups.

If this is the scenario, will you be stuck with only two options? One in which your website working is compromised and the other that needs huge investment, are your only options? Well, there is a way out of the situation and it comes in the form of VPS. This is like a condo, where people stay together but they have allocated resources and cannot use other resources besides that. It means you share the server with other websites without compromising on your working or data. Moreover, it is a much Cheap web Hosting way that the dedicated one.

Advantages of our web hosting service in INDIA

We are not the only service provider who are operating in the market and offering you with hosting services. The question is what will make you select our service over others. Well, here is a brief glimpse of the features of our services besides the core ones that we offer to our customers.

Highest uptime service: We understand that every second your website stays offline, you lose out on your business. Thus, to ensure that your business growth is consistent, we offer you with uptime of 99.99%. It is a way that ensures you never have to miss out on the chance to get money.

Customer service: We have a specially trained team of professionals who are always there to help you with any kind of problem that you face regarding our service. They are available 24*7 and you can give a call at any point of time. They are prompt in addressing the issue. Not only they will let you know about the origination of the issue and the way to solve it, but they will also make sure to solve the same within the shortest possible time.

Dedicated manager: In accordance with your package, you also get the service of a dedicated manager who will only be responsible for handling the aspects regarding the products you have hired. They ensure that you get the best possible service.

To know more about our services check out the other pages or get in touch with our customer care executive.